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Make Contact, Connect, and Grow with AGC
By Sarah Lefebvre, President

here is one common denominator from the last two years: most of us at some point reevaluated the concept of value—in our lives, careers, relationships. I spent much of the week before our January mini-conference making calls to members whom I was considering for the nine board appointments the AGC president can make each year. In addition to getting to know some of my peers much better, I learned that the reasons for membership are as diverse as the membership itself. However, the feedback I received did distill down to one common value—networking. I learned not just how much we value the networking aspect of our organization but also how much we have missed having the ability to network.

In January we were (finally!) able to reap that value once again, the true net worth of our investment in AGC. We talked. We laughed. We discussed. We learned. We grew. IN PERSON! And it felt good! As Michelle Holland commented to me that week, “This year is already starting off better because of it!”

A quick google of “networking” returns many variations of the same idea, but the best that I found were these (emphasis added):

The act of making contact and exchanging information with other people, groups and institutions to develop mutually beneficial relationships.

The exchange of information and ideas among people with a common profession or special interest, usually in an informal social setting. Networking often begins with a single point of common ground.

AGC in action is the best of these definitions—a single point of common ground upon which we make contact with one another, exchange information and ideas, and develop relationships. This networking becomes the foundation from which we can obtain the many other returns on our membership investment.

Each year, AGC of Alaska publishes the Annual Report to Members. A summary of 2021 can be found at: I ask that all of you go to the report—not just to affirm the value of your membership but also to see how you fit into our efforts to create that value.

While you read about how AGC works for you—advocating to address our issues, navigating the uncertainties brought to our industry by a pandemic, coordinating workforce development efforts, and providing many additional tools and resources—consider how you might exponentially up your ROI from AGC. There are numerous opportunities to take your networking to the next level, including attending an event, participating in training, or serving on a committee.

Committee membership is an ideal way to network within the organization. Active engagement will help you expand your association relationships and provide a platform to exchange ideas, collaborate for solutions, and develop bonds. AGC of Alaska’s current committees are:

  • Associates Council
  • Labor Relations Committee
  • Fairbanks Committee
  • Internal Affairs Committee
  • Editorial Board
  • Legislative Affairs Committee
  • Construction Leadership Council
  • Conference Committee
  • Various Event Committees
  • Membership Committee
  • Education, Training, and Workforce Development Committee
  • DOT Steering Committee
  • USACE Steering Committee
  • Safety Committee

Additional information about each committee can be found at

AGC is a MEMBER organization, and therefore we depend on members to drive our success. Our committees are more effective when they include a cross-section of membership, representing our diversity across business sectors, geographical work areas, gender, and years (both few and many) in the industry. Expanding committee involvement will rebalance the workload and ensure strong succession within each committee, while also helping key committee members avoid burnout.

While board members are expected to participate in a committee, all AGC members and their staff are encouraged to join in. For more information or to discuss committee membership, feel free to call me or reach out to either Alicia or Thea at 907-561-5354. They can explain the focus of each committee and align the mission with your interest and/or talents. One of the few benefits of the last few years is that committee involvement has never been easier. Virtual meetings are now an option in a pinch, even while in-person meetings have resumed.

No matter how you prefer to do it, networking within AGC is an investment that is guaranteed to give you excellent growth in your personal and professional portfolio. Thank you for being a part of my network. Part of my value. I look forward to another year of both new and strengthened connectivity with all of you!