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Congratulations 2023 Scholarship Winners
I’m incredibly grateful for this opportunity from AGC. I’m a lifelong Alaskan, and it has been my goal to become an electrical engineer within the state of Alaska. I’ve worked hard throughout high school to attain high-level grades. I volunteer within my community to set myself up to earn scholarships to help with the financial burden to attend UAF. The Associated General Contractors of Alaska are an important part of this. Thanks again!

—Hayden Kuzakin

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Photo provided by Hayden Kuzakin.
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Photo provided by Aaron Mulgrew.
I am proud to be selected by AGC for this generous scholarship. This scholarship will go a long way in helping me reach my goal of becoming an engineer. I am looking forward to starting school in the fall of 2023 in Michigan and to the day when I return to Alaska as an engineer. I was born in Alaska and plan on making my home in Alaska and building my career here. Thank you again for investing in me.

—Aaron Mulgrew

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I’m incredibly grateful for the continued support I’ve received from AGC of Alaska. From a very young age, it’s been a dream of mine to pursue a career in the construction industry, and a year of experiences in construction has made me feel even more sure of that goal. Last summer I was offered an internship with Walsh construction. Although the job didn’t go as planned, it was still an invaluable opportunity to gain on-the-job experience about project management and coordination of resources. That job, combined with a year of construction classes at Northern Michigan University, or NMU, has provided opportunities to learn from others with far more knowledge and experience. As a member of the men’s swim team at NMU, I’m part of a team culture that motivates everyone to strive for their highest potential. The importance of encouragement, cooperation, and accountability cannot be overstated. Time management skills are also a necessity. The experience I’ve gained will help me this summer as I transition into a job with Brechan Construction. The opportunities and experiences I’ve gained through college and work have been made easier with the support of AGC. I’m proud that AGC—an organization that serves the construction industry—chose me as a scholarship recipient. Thank you, AGC, for your continued support!

—Ian Rocheleau

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Photo provided by Ian Rocheleau.
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Photo provided by Julian Tunley.
As a lifelong Alaskan, I am honored to be an AGC 2023 scholarship recipient. Thank you so much for allowing me to pursue my career goal. Throughout high school, I ran my own landscaping business, which taught me the importance of hard work, networking, and maintaining a positive outlook. Currently, I am pursuing a degree in civil engineering at UAA, with the goal of creating innovative solutions to complex engineering problems. My long-term objective is to apply my education to improve Alaska infrastructure, enhance Arctic safety, and establish my own civil engineering firm in Alaska. The AGC scholarship funds will help me focus on my education with less financial burden. I am eager to complete my college education and contribute to Alaska’s construction industry, making a positive impact in both rural and urban Alaska. Thank you so much.

—Julian Tunley

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I am honored to receive this scholarship from AGC of Alaska. I have fallen in love with the construction industry as I feel its challenges marry my strengths well. I grew up in the small mining community of Healy and developed a deep appreciation for those who work hard to keep Alaska moving forward. I owe a lot to AGC for providing me opportunities like letting me help with the annual conference, getting training/certifications, and helping me secure an internship in Prudhoe Bay. The funding provided by this scholarship will help support me through my final year of schooling at UAA. I am excited to continue working to build Alaska for years to come! Thank you so much!

—Samuel Brown

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Photo provided by Samuel Brown.
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Photo provided by David Arnell.
As a lifelong Alaskan, I have had the pleasure of seeing my city and community develop into what it is today. Raised as a third-generation carpenter, I enjoy nothing more than driving around and seeing the many different projects that I have had the opportunity to participate in. AGC has invested countless hours into creating a conduit between the Construction Management Program at UAA and industry professionals. I have had the opportunity to develop relationships with many members both as industry partners and friends for years to come. Receiving this scholarship will help cover the financial burden of continuing my education to seek a master’s degree in project management. Thank you to AGC of Alaska for contributing to my higher education and for the investment into my future.

—David Arnell

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I am honored to be the recipient of this year’s AGC of Alaska scholarship. I am Alaska born and raised; my formative years were spent growing up at a family-owned roadside lodge in semi-remote Alaska. I’m currently studying mining engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. After graduation, I plan to return to Alaska with the knowledge and tools to be an asset to the in-state workforce. This scholarship will help me—along with others—pursue education without financial burdens from college. I thank AGC for its commitment and support to Alaska’s industry, workforce, and its students. I am proud to be an Alaskan and proud to be a recipient of this year’s AGC scholarship.

—Glenn Steer

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Photo provided by Glenn Steer.