Kicking Off the Season typography
a man speaks into a microphone at a wooden podium with a sign that reads "Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum | Wedgewood resort" at the AGC spring meeting
Kicking Off the Season typography

t’s a rite of passage: Spring Agency Day and the first full board and membership meeting of Associated General Contractors, or AGC, of Alaska, held each spring in Fairbanks. This year’s event overlapped the volcanic explosion of Mount Shiveluch in eastern Russia on April 11, which resulted in an ash cloud that moved across Alaska, the North Pacific Ocean, and western Canada, leading Alaska Airlines to cancel dozens of flights (mostly to and within Alaska) throughout the week. The cancellations prevented some speakers and attendees from attending the two-day event, but organizers say it was still well-attended.

The meeting brings together AGC members for updates from local and state agencies and offers everyone an opportunity to re-examine and shape AGC priorities. The popular Spring Kick-Off party, where members reconnect and celebrate the beginning of the construction season, is also a draw.

a man speaks into a microphone at a podium while looking at the people standing to his left at the AGC spring meeting
three AGC spring meeting attendees stand close together and smile for a picture at the AGC spring meeting held at the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum
three AGC spring meeting attendees holding refreshments stand side by side for a photo
three AGC spring meeting attendees in mid-discussion next to the refreshments table
six people sit at a long table at the front of a conference room while a woman watches from a Zoom call from a television on the wall behind the long table
wide view down the center aisle of a conference room with a meeting in session
a man and woman wearing name tags lean in together for a photo while both hold plates of food in the food line
a woman and man smile at the camera while sitting at a table during the AGC event
a man wearing a fedora sits at the main conference table, two other sit on either side of him with an ongoing Zoom call visible behind them
a woman sits in focus at a table while other attendees smile standing out of focus in the background
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AGC of Alaska would like to extend a big

Thank You
to the Agency Day and Spring Board sponsors!
Platinum Sponsors:

  • Great Northwest, Inc.
  • STG Pacific, LLC

Gold Sponsors:

  • Brice Inc.
  • ChemTrack Alaska, Inc.
  • Davis Block & Concrete
  • Parker, Smith & Feek, LLC
  • Swalling General Contractors LLC

Silver Sponsors:

  • ASRC Construction
  • Davis Constructors & Engineers, Inc.
  • Denali Industrial Supply, Inc.
  • Drake Construction, Inc.
  • GHEMM Company, LLC
  • Holland & Hart LLP
  • Meridian Management, Inc.
  • RISQ Consulting

Bronze Sponsors:

  • Crowley Fuels
  • Emulsion Products Company
  • Exclusive Paving
  • Granite Construction Company
  • HC Contractors, LLC
  • Loken Construction LLC
  • North Star Equipment Services
  • PFK Enterprises Inc
  • Quality Asphalt Paving (QAP)
  • Span Alaska Transportation
  • STG, Inc.
  • Universal Welding & Fabrication Alaska, LLC
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Photos provided by AGC of Alaska.