Congratulations Winter 2022 UAF Scholarship Recipients!
I am grateful and honored to have received a scholarship from the Associated General Contractors of Alaska, or AGC, for the 2020/2021 school year. I am in my senior year of college and will be graduating from UAF’s Community Technical College this spring with my associates in construction management. I have been taking night classes and working full time as an IUOE Local 302 heavy equipment operator so I can pay for school out of pocket while also continuing my education. This scholarship helps alleviate that financial burden. Thank you, AGC, for giving back to Alaskans and helping me pursue my goals.

—Mackenzie Rohn Emerick, UAF Construction Management, recipient of AGC UAF CTC Construction Management scholarship

Mackenzie Rohn Emerick selfie
As an Asian American, first generation college student, the financial stress of college education can be difficult. With the support of this scholarship, I will be able to focus my efforts more toward my academic ambitions and goals. Not only does this scholarship benefit me financially, it gives me motivation to work even harder and complete my degree even quicker. I plan to graduate from UAF by Spring of 2022 and begin my career as a civil engineer. I will forever be thankful for this scholarship program and how much it has positively impacted my academics.

— Katherine Jarupakorn, UAF Civil Engineering, recipient of AGC scholarship

Thank you for awarding me the University of Alaska School of Management AGC scholarship for the 2020/2021 academic year. I was extremely excited to win the award. Without this award, the cost of books would have been problematic. The scholarship assisted me in achieving a personal milestone when I earned my MBA in 2021. I am now applying to medical school and my MBA will be advantageous in my medical practice. I was very fortunate to have received this scholarship, and I hope my story inspires other students as they seek educational resources.

— Abigail Moran, UAF Business Administration, recipient of AGC UAF School of Management scholarship

Thank you for the scholarship support in my efforts to take on a new challenge and to be able to progress in the construction industry as an effective and productive construction manager. Working for the past twenty years as a tradesperson for multiple outfits throughout Canada and Alaska, I have had the opportunity to work for some exceptional project managers that, one day, I hope to be able to emulate. When in class I regularly learn something new that I can immediately apply at my current job.

—Michael Phelan, UAF Construction Management, recipient of AGC UAF CTC Construction Management scholarship

Michael Phelan in cave with beanie and jacket on
Benjamin Vanderhart smiling with hard hat on
Receiving scholarships like this has helped me immensely in my educational experience. Instead of worrying about student debt, loans, and how I will pay my bills, I can focus on learning and doing my best in class. For many students, an AGC scholarship means even more. The fact that we were granted this award gives us confidence that we chose the right career path. When others have faith in us, it is easier to have faith in ourselves. For students not sure if the construction industry is right for them, receiving this scholarship can be the tipping point. Thank you!

— Benjamin Vanderhart, UAF Civil Engineering, recipient of AGC scholarship

I am extremely thankful for the support I have received from the Alaska chapter of AGC. Receiving this scholarship has allowed me to better focus on pursuing my degree in construction management through UAF. For the last year I have had the opportunity to learn from teachers and professors who possess tremendous industry experience and have played significant roles in the development of our community. I am excited to continue my education with the hopes of being able to do the same.

—Jazmyn Curtiss, UAF Construction Management, recipient of AGC UAF CTC Construction Management scholarship

Jazmyn Curtiss smiling with dog in arms
Quyanaqpak (“thank you very much” in Iñupiaq) to AGC for awarding me this scholarship. I am a senior in civil engineering, studying at UAF. I am a member of the AGC/ASCE student club on campus and the co-captain of the Concrete Canoe team. With contributions like this I have been able to receive a higher education without any debt. It is my plan to continue my studies at UAF for their master’s program.

—Caitlynn Hanna, UAF Civil Engineering, recipient of AGC scholarship

Caitlynn Hanna outside in the snow with a blue coat
Ariana Noel with plant vines surrounding her
I am so grateful I was chosen to receive the AGC of Alaska scholarship. The further I get into my education and work, the more excited I am to pursue a career in this industry. Alaska construction and engineering is unique in so many ways, forever innovating, changing, and facing challenges special to this environment. With each new job experience I am reminded of such and I can’t wait to see where this degree takes me.

—Ariana Noel, UAF Civil Engineering/UAF Construction Management, recipient of AGC scholarship

I am grateful to receive the scholarship from AGC. This scholarship has helped me a lot with school and buys supplies for school that I may need for my classes. It has taken a load off my shoulders to not worry about paying my tuition. Now I can continue with my education. So I would like to thank you for accepting my application. I’m just really thankful for the opportunity to able to receive the AGC scholarship and I am looking forward to applying for the scholarship again.

—Cavelila Wonhola, UAF Construction Management/UAF Yup’ik Eskimo, recipient of AGC UAF CTC Construction Management scholarship

Cavelila Wonhola with gun and moose
Dear AGC, I am sincerely honored to have been chosen for this scholarship and I would like to thank you for this awesome opportunity. With this generous contribution towards my education, AGC has helped me excel and continue to pursue my goal of becoming an engineer. I am currently working on my senior year in civil engineering and I am focusing on the structural section. Thanks to great teachers and an excellent learning experience, I feel prepared to become a successful engineer in the workforce and make a difference in Alaska.

— Jacob Lovaas, UAF Civil Engineering, recipient of AGC scholarship

Jacob Lovaas headshot of him outside with snow on trees and ground
Zach Miller with hard hat on and hands in pocket
It’s an honor to receive a scholarship from AGC. This generosity has inspired me to give back to the Alaska community and ensure their safety as all other engineers before me. I will remember this contribution from AGC when I graduate college and later when I become a structural engineer. I hope there are others like myself who seek the same goals and are recognized for this noble pursuit.

— Zach Miller, UAF Civil Engineering, recipient of AGC scholarship