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2024 Legislative Priorities

By Meg Nordale and Regina Davis, co-chairs of the Associated General Contractors of Alaska Legislative Affairs Committee, and Alicia Amberg, AGC executive director

2024 Legislative Priorities

By Meg Nordale and Regina Davis, co-chairs of the Associated General Contractors of Alaska Legislative Affairs Committee, and Alicia Amberg, AGC executive director

ear after year, Associated General Contractors, or AGC, of Alaska continues to vigorously advocate for those construction-related issues which our members feel passionately about, while working to improve the overall health and vitality of the industry across the entire state. Our legislative priorities have not changed significantly over the past few years. AGC of Alaska has remained consistent in our support of workforce development, responsible resource development, workers’ compensation reform, and a sustainable and responsible state budget that supports economic opportunity and assures Alaska’s construction industry remains vibrant and capable of meeting Alaska and Alaskans’ needs.

Having communicated our messages to elected officials with what feels to be little progress or effect, AGC’s Legislative Affairs Committee, or LAC, has formed a subcommittee—a task force—to create a picture of a sustainable budget plan for Alaska. AGC members from across the state, representing our diverse membership, have begun to study Alaska’s budget challenges. We have hosted listening sessions with elected officials and representatives of other stakeholder organizations interested in securing a stable budget plan for our state. AGC members have been asked, “What does a sustainable budget plan look like?” when meeting with legislators in Juneau. Our task force will craft answers to this question and will offer suggestions which—we hope—will gain traction and break the legislative budget deadlock.

Everyone wants a sustainable state budget: one that is business friendly, builds the economy, and creates certainty and jobs. Our major trepidation has been the capital budget, a plan for both new development and addressing the state’s deferred maintenance liabilities. It is typically among the last items considered in the budgeting process and often held hostage to garner votes that are not relevant to its passage.

AGC’s success is dependent on robust member engagement. Please consider attending a Legislative Action Committee meeting and participating in our discussions, attending the Legislative Fly-In, or purchasing a Political Action Committee ticket
The LAC is currently working to review all our legislative priorities, not just AGC’s position on a sustainable state budget. We will be adjusting language about our legislative priorities to include more specific action items and legislative requests, providing a more in-depth look at what issues are important to our membership and what statutory changes would make our members even more successful at building and developing Alaska.
We Need Your Help
AGC’s success is dependent on robust member engagement. Please consider attending a LAC committee meeting and participating in our discussions. Consider attending the AGC’s annual Legislative Fly-In, scheduled for February 27 and 28 in Juneau. Consider purchasing a Political Action Committee, or PAC, ticket and attending the spring board of directors meeting in Fairbanks in April, where the PAC drawing will take place. These are just a few ways in which individual AGC members can support and promote the advocacy efforts of our association as we work to build a stable Alaska economy.

The Legislative Fly-In is our opportunity to shine a light on the impact construction has on Alaska’s overall economic health and how our industry is vital to the development of a budget solution that provides excellent value to all residents of our great state. In addition to communicating our priorities, AGC’s construction spending forecast and economic impact report will be available to share with legislators, the executive branch, and key state officials. We intend to demonstrate how the economic reach of Alaska’s construction industry spans the entire state—from the smallest village to the largest city—and how providing stability of state support via a healthy capital budget has a positive impact on every Alaskan.

AGC remains committed to not only advocating for the priorities of our membership but to digging deeper and finding partner organizations to join in our efforts in being a voice in developing a sustainable, responsible means of funding and delivering basic state services while providing an environment in which our members can be successful.

Priority: Workforce Development and Education
Workforce development and investment in education are vital to a healthy Alaska economy, which benefits all Alaskans. Access to a trained workforce ensures Alaska is ready to capitalize on economics for all regions and sectors in our state.
Priority: Sustainable State Budget

AGC supports the continued focus on a responsible, sustainable, and balanced budget, which includes strategies to enhance and diversify Alaska’s economy and to support and attract infrastructure investments.

Priority: Responsible Resource Development

AGC supports responsible resource development strategies to enhance Alaska’s private sector by promoting and attracting investment in Alaska’s infrastructure and providing economic certainty.

Priority: Workers’ Compensation Reform

AGC of Alaska supports continued efforts to reform workers’ compensation regulations. Alaska’s workers’ compensation insurance rates rank among the highest in the nation, affecting every Alaska employer and making Alaska less competitive in creating and maintaining jobs.