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Alicia Amberg
Executive Director
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Executive Director’s Message
A Time for Thanks

Closing out 2023 with much to be grateful for, looking ahead eagerly

By Alicia Amberg
Celebrating 75 Years of Impact and Influence

he year 2023 marked a significant milestone—our 75th anniversary as an association in Alaska. Our annual convention in November was a testament to the strength and camaraderie of our community, achieving record attendance and sponsorships. The success of our Dinner Dance, always a highlight of the event, was made possible by the exceptional efforts of our conference committee, our dedicated staff, and our incredible volunteers.

Giving Thanks

It has been such a privilege to serve as executive director of Associated General Contractors, or AGC, of Alaska these past five years. Reflecting on the journey evokes a profound sense of pride and gratitude. My tenure began amid the tumultuous events of 2018, with an earthquake that literally shook us to our core and tested our resilience. I witnessed firsthand the determination of our members, whose swift action in the face of adversity highlighted the values our members bring to the workplace every day.

It’s been a rollercoaster of challenges and achievements, from those not-so-long-ago initial days dealing with the countless complexities brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic to the workforce shortages we currently face. Now, as we charge headfirst into a period of significant infrastructure investment, our focus is steadfast: to cut through red tape and lean into every workforce conversation to ensure our state thrives.

Welcome, New Board Members
Fresh perspectives and energetic participation are vital as we forge ahead, and this year we welcomed new directors to our board. Their leadership is essential in navigating the complex landscape we face. I invite each of you to reach out, join a committee, and contribute to shaping our future. It is with a heartfelt appreciation that we bid farewell to Brian Midyett, our outgoing president. His leadership has been instrumental in our collective successes and his impact will endure. We also welcome Marcus Trivette from Brice, Inc. as our new board president. Marcus’s journey is the perfect example of how to progress in our industry. His trajectory from an AGC scholarship recipient to Student Chapter President while at UAF, and now to a pivotal leader within our organization, illustrates the power of mentorship and active involvement.

He serves as a model for all members, proving that with dedication and support, one’s growth within the organization can be spectacular. Marcus may even one day follow in the footsteps of his mentor, Sam Robert Brice, who was awarded the most prestigious level of recognition within AGC, as the 2023 Hard Hat recipient.

Succession planning is not just a corporate strategy but a cornerstone of our association’s philosophy. We encourage our members to mentor and elevate those coming up behind them, building a bench and ensuring organizational continuity within AGC. Our collective efforts make us stronger, and the leaders we nurture today will lead our efforts for many years to come.

The rest of our incoming executive board is made up of the following dedicated members:

  • Saigen Harris, Vice President, F&W Construction
  • Carrie Jokiel, Secretary, ChemTrack Alaska
  • Luke Blomfield, Treasurer, Davis Constructors & Engineers
  • Toby Drake, Contractor at Large, Drake Construction
  • Randy Johnson, Associate Member, Spenard Builders Supply
New Staff Hard at Work

Two new staff members are hard at work for AGC of Alaska! Catherine Sullivan, our events and communications manager, organized a phenomenal conference, setting a high bar for future events. Her skills and enthusiasm are invaluable assets to our team. Farther north, Sara Maguire, our Fairbanks branch manager, has managed the local office transition and event planning like a champ. Please take the time to introduce yourself and the company you represent, so they can make connections within our industry and better support our efforts.

With Gratitude

To all our members, board, and staff, I extend my deepest thanks. Your support and commitment have been the driving force behind our achievements. As we continue to navigate the ever-changing landscape of Alaska’s construction industry, let us remain united in our vision and steadfast in our mission. Here’s to another 75 years of excellence, innovation, and progress.