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TDL Staffing
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An “Everything” Staffing Office
Handpicked employees span multiple industries
By Dimitra Lavrakas
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TDL Staffing
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TDL Staffing office
An “Everything” Staffing Office
Handpicked employees span multiple industries
By Dimitra Lavrakas

DL staffing is ready to meet the challenges of operating in Alaska, providing employees for jobs that range from clerical to medical to mining and more. The company has two branches, ten employees, and provides more than 400 workers to companies statewide every year.

Founded by sisters Terri Froese, Debbi Miller, and Lorri McElroy in 2002, the company’s three-letter name reflects all three.

“We started TDL with no clients or employees in Fairbanks and now have thriving offices in both Fairbanks and Anchorage, allowing us to service the entire state of Alaska,” Miller says.

Miller’s focus is on administrative and light industrial staffing, backed by her former experience in the accounting, IT, and warehouse fields. She also worked for multiple years in human resources and as warehouse support staff.

“We used all of our work experience and business relationships to grow TDL to what it is today,” says Froese.

Froese’s focus is providing medical staffing services such as nurses and medical assistants. This is bolstered by her experience as a certified ophthalmic technician, surgical assistant, and office manager, as well her background in banking, the legal field, and administration.

TDL also provides employees for the construction and the mining industries, unlike many agencies.

“We are proud to say we feel we’ve made a difference in many lives over the last twenty-plus years by helping individuals find their work homes,” says Miller.

A Unique Hands-On Process

The company fosters a family-like approach to placing applicants in positions.

“We personally meet every applicant that applies by interviewing with one of our recruiters,” Froese says. “That way we can find out what kind of job they are seeking and what their qualifications are and review what pay and hours they are looking for.”

“If it’s a clerical or a medical applicant, they are tested. We also reference check our applicants,” she says.

There is never a fee for applicants.

This extensive get-to-know-you approach sometimes reveals unknown possibilities to an applicant for positions they may not have considered applying to, opening a whole new career.

The welcoming entrance at TDL’s new office
The welcoming entrance at TDL’s new office in Anchorage at 601 West Tudor Road. The company also has an office in Fairbanks at 1716 University Avenue.

TDL Staffing also goes out to visit the workplace before sending a jobseeker out.

“We meet with all clients,” Froese says. “We also go onsite to see the personalities and work environment.”

“It is a key component to making the right staff,” Miller says.

“We personally present all applicants directly to the hiring manager,” Froese says. “We do not just simply send out résumés but generate a packet based on all the information we gathered during the interview process, enabling the hiring managers to make an informed decision quickly.”

TDL positions can be temporary, temporary to permanent, or direct placement, giving both applicants and companies the opportunity to take advantage of a good fit.

A Philosophy for Growth

“Technology with a personal touch is our key to success and growth; it’s important to always utilize the current recruitment software but never lose personal interaction with our applicants and clients,” Froese says. “It is vital to have a partnership with our client to support their mission.”

One of the hardest challenges for TDL and Alaska in general, she says, has been the lack of qualified job seekers.

“We’ve had to adapt to this change over the years. If you are not changing with the need fast enough, you are moving backwards. For us, if we start going away from our core value of helping people, we have to step back and reset. Our core mission is changing lives, one staff member at a time,” says Froese.

“It all comes from building relationships,” Miller says.

Terri Froese and Debbi Miller headshot
Terri Froese and Debbi Miller, owners of TDL Staffing.
Recognition for TDL’s Work

It’s no wonder TDL has garnered attention and accolades for its focus on placing the right person in the right position.

“The past four years now, we’ve been in the Anchorage Daily News’ Best of Alaska and also nominated for The Best of Alaska in Alaska Business magazine,” says Froese.

Froese feels her company’s membership in the Associated General Contractors of Alaska has offered opportunities to meet other business owners.

“We’ve enjoyed the networking and exposure to potential clients. It has helped us grow, especially in the Anchorage area,” Miller says.

Roger Mauer of Amped Electric, Inc., says he needed payroll help in January 2023, and in a matter of days TDL filled it with a “fantastic” employee.

“They saved our bacon big time,” Mauer says.

Tom Bartels, owner of North Pole Coffee, says, “I can’t say enough. They cut through the noise of applicants, and that’s very helpful.”

Dimitra Lavrakas is a freelance writer who has written for a variety of Alaska publications, including The Arctic Sounder, the Skagway News, and Dutch Harbor Fisherman. She most recently lived in Tenakee Springs and travels back and forth to Alaska regularly, usually heading for the family cabin in Kachemak Bay. Photos provided by TDL Staffing.